It may seem strange, but a PDF is not considered to be an ebook format. Basically, just because something can be viewed on a screen does not mean that it will work on everything electronic. E-readers require very specific types of files (MOBI and EPUB are the most common) to properly display on their screens. Because PDF files don’t convert well for all e-readers, they won’t even be sold by most of the major retailers (including Amazon.com and BN.com).

We can onvert your book to ePub (Apple, Nook & Android), AWZ/MOBI (Kindle), iBook, or Fixed Layout so that you can upload and sell your eBook on Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and every other major bookstore.

Your ebook will never look exactly like the comparable print book. Every e-reader displays content slightly differently and some reading devices even allow users to customize the size and font preferences on their e-readers. For this reason, the ebook will never look exactly like the print book (It will, however, look great on every major e-reader).