Book Print Processes

Sheet fed Litho / Digital Toner / Heat set web offset / Cold set web offset / Digital ink jet are all different classifications of printing machinery that can be used for printing books and they are all essentially different methods of just putting ink on paper. So which one do you choose? Well many printers will just suggest the cheapest method, or will only quote based on the machinery that they have, but the cheapest is not always the best and the machinery that one printer has, is very often not the best. There are other very important considerations that you need to be aware of before deciding:

Did you realise that:

Each print processes is restricted to printing on certain types of paper.
Each print process has its own most efficient book size.
Each print process has its own most efficient pagination count.
Each print process has a slightly different print quality and that these differences are most apparent when printing certain types of images.
Some print processes are more suited to particular types of binding. Indeed, some types of binding are incompatible with some print processes.
Some print processes are likely to cause paper issues, particularly in book production.

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