“Just to inform you that i have received the books in Brighton, thank you very, very much! They look great, i’m reeeeally pleased, once again!
Keep me posted on the delivery to France when you know more, will you?
Thank you again sooo much.”
Anne C
“It was great to see you yesterday, and I am VERY VERY VERY VERY happy with the way the book is looking.
I think it is absolutely brilliant and can hardly believe that it’s going to be my very own book. Thanks so much David. I feel very lucky to have discovered you.”
Con B
Many thanks for all you have done. I’m very pleased and wld be happy to recommend to anyone.
“I’ve started my next project – a detailed family tree complete with old pictures etc. Up to 1804 so far, or shld that be back to? Hope to have it ready by Christmas but am not saying which year. I know where you are if I require assistance ……”
Bob J
“Sorry I haven’t got back to you sooner but as you can guess I have been “swamped” with all sorts of things since the books arrived.

They are absolutely wonderful – better than I could have ever expected – and there has been a fantastic response from everyone who has seen them.

One man ordered 10 and then came back today for another10. Already the Reporter has received a wonderful letter about it which they are printing next week – and that was within hours of the person getting hold of the book

I know I couldn’t have done it without you, your guiding hand, patience and expertise. If this is the first recipe book you have done, then you should be giving yourself a big pat on the back.

Believe it or not I haven’t read it yet. I don’t think I’ve had time to even flick through it. We have all been so busy taking the boxes to various places to store them.

WH Smiths in Dewsbury are selling them, and their Leeds branch has asked for some. I am hoping to be on Radio Leeds next week, and the story has gone in all our papers and hopefully will also be in the Huddersfield Examiner and Yorkshire Evening Post.

I think we got the book right in every way – front cover, pictures, and the price. And if do get an award in the Gourmand Book Awards which are being judged later this year – it will be because of your fantastic input. Every time I look at the book I think this. Without you it could so easily have been second-rate, despite the brilliant photographs and interesting contents. I really mean that!

Once again thank you so much – and I hope you don’t have withdrawal symptoms when my e-mails finally stop. I will try to withdraw them slowly!

Speak to you soon.”

Margaret W
“I tried to ring you earlier to say thank you, books received and awesome!!

Did you write in one of the books for me as requested – a signed copy by you?

If you have any problems getting your payment would you please let me know and I will try to follow it up as Jane, the treasurer has been in and out of hospital with complications following her operation.

I’m sure I will be back in touch with you for further orders in the future if that’s ok?

I would like to say I am very grateful for your continued help, enthusiasm and professionalism throughout the publishing process.

So, my friend, we are almost there and I can say with hand on heart that you have made it a pleasure to do, every step of the way you have more than supported what for me has been a mammoth job.

The words ‘thank you’ are a bit inadequate.

Will speak again soon, I am sure.”

Judy C
“I have just received my copy. It is amazing. Congratulations
to all the team.”
Joyce F
“The book arrived and looks great. Thanks for everything on this and the fast turnaround.”
Clayton S
“The books have arrived and look good! Thanks for your usual excellent service. Do send me your invoice.”
Anne C
“Please find enclosed a signed copy of the delivery note and the remittance advice for payment of your invoice for The Face of Sam.

I am very pleased with the book, it looks fantastic. I want to thank you for your professionalism – and patience – whilst working on the book, from my first enquiry to their delivery. As a self-publisher it is important to me to provide a product that competes with the very best in the trade and I feel with your support I have achieved this.

Thanks again.”

Julie R
“Here is a bankers draft for £1067.53 against invoice 20091 for “The Bridge of Shadows”.

Thanks again for a superb printing job, the book being very well received at its launch last Saturday, with quite a number of favourable comments on its production.

I’ll be in touch before the end of the year about our magazine, which we’re hoping to launch next February or March.”

Kenneth C
“I ran out of time to write yesterday as I was on a deadline, but I just wanted to say what a superb job you’ve done on the Report. The staff at JRCT seem delighted with it – my main contact there described it as “beautiful”! Thanks again for your hard work (and patience with the various quote permutations!). You really know how to pull it out of the bag on these prestige jobs. Look forward to working with you again in the near future.”
Richard H
“Just want to say I really appreciate all your hard work you’ve done so far! I’m really happy with my books and card samples. The book is selling so well, I’ve already shifted almost 200 now from the order you did. I think the book looks really lovely and great quality so thank you! I do hope one day in the near (ish!) future I will be able to order more books and hopefully cards too!

Speak soon,”

Charlotte R
“As a small publisher we enjoy working with Beamreach; we use them for all our typesetting and cover work, and often the printing.

David has a wealth of experience, which he always generously shares. Whenever we have technical issues to resolve, such as paper stock, format or style, etc. – he is always happy to discuss possibilities and answer questions.

We have no hesitation in recommending him to other publishers for his professionalism and friendly service.”

Julie R
“Just to let you know I’ve asked for quotes from a couple of other companies as we are supposed to get at least 3 quotes. I expect we’ll go with Beamreach again as you’ve always come up with the best quote and we know your work! I’ll let you know asap.”
Anne C
“I hope you are well, we have been receiving lots of compliments about the My Route Publication! I was just wondering if you could re-send a copy of our invoice for this job, as I have to submit it to our funders and I can’t find the original to photocopy.”
Katy W
“I’ve already forwarded the electronic invoice for payment. I got my copy of the new book yesterday, it looks very good. Thanks for all your help in getting this organised.”
Bill V
“I have just paid the sum of £1249.92 into your bank account in settlement of the above invoice. Thank you for the excellent work you did on production and printing. Please acknowledge receipt of this mail.”
Brian B
“I’ve been using Beamreach for over three years now. I’m beyond happy with their service and quality of books. The company director, David Exley, has been an absolute godsend to me and my publishing business. He’s given such a great level of service and worked closely with me to get my books just how I want them. I’d recommend Beamreach to anyone and shall be using them for many more years to come. Five stars from me! Thanks David.
Charlotte R