Book Typesetting, Page Design, Page Layout, Graphic Design and Cover Design

Book Typesetting & Graphic Design

There are lots of considerations when first contemplating the page design and page layout of your book. We are here to take your ideas and thoughts and offer suggestions to enhance your finished product.

Our clients often entrust us with their valuable and often irreplaceable photos and documents to be included in their book. All photographs that you supply to us are treated individually and are scanned or adapted for the end print process with the utmost care.

But it’s not just about the photographs! The look and feel of a book through good graphic design and “easy on the eye” page layout is all vitally important to achieve an overall page design which enhances the content.

Together, we need to consider …

Font choice
Use of white space
Graphic Design
Headers and footers
Margin spacing
Page numbering
Use of colour
Headings and paragraph styles
Picture size and positioning

Our prices for typesetting start at only £1.99 per page for black and white text only and increase dependent upon complexity.

Other reprographic services we offer:

Graphic Design, Page Design, Page Layout, Typesetting. Photography, scanning, image manipulation, digital asset management, book scanning, OCR. PDF creation & editing, file conversions, proofing, colour management and friendly jargon free advice.

Digital Retouching of Photographs: