Which path should an author take to get their book into print?

So, how should an author get their book into print? I hear this question asked a lot by authors once they have written their book. Many authors assume that the best way to get their book into print is to approach traditional publisher. Even when they have eventually found a Publisher willing to take them on, [...]

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Mmmmm. There is nothing like the smell of a good book!

Researchers at University College London's Institute for Sustainable Heritage conducted an experiment asking how participants felt about a number of different aromas. Among them, of course, was an old book. Their findings were published in Heritage Science (https://heritagesciencejournal.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/s40494-016-0114-1). Without knowing what they were smelling, participants overwhelmingly described the smell of books as being like chocolate. [...]

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