Section Sewn Binding v Perfect Binding

Section Sewn Binding v Perfect Binding   Although they are not so obvious to see at first glimpse, these are 2 completely different methods of holding pages together in a book. If you are thinking about printing a book you need to consider your options and the effects of each option on the look, feel [...]

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Mmmmm. There is nothing like the smell of a good book!

Researchers at University College London's Institute for Sustainable Heritage conducted an experiment asking how participants felt about a number of different aromas. Among them, of course, was an old book. Their findings were published in Heritage Science ( Without knowing what they were smelling, participants overwhelmingly described the smell of books as being like chocolate. [...]

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Make your book look and feel like a best seller

Make your book look and feel like a best seller Every year I go to the London Book Fair where I meet with lots of first time self publishers, many who have just had their book printed. Sometimes their excitement is tinged with disappointment about how their book has turned out. I hear them tell me [...]

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Which is the best paper for printing my book?

Choosing the best paper for your book is a decision that should not be rushed – I pick up many books only to notice that the choice of paper is in conflict with the content. This might not be so obvious to the novice, but often there will be something that is difficult to put your [...]

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